HostGator Coupon – August 2008

HostGator Coupon – August 2008

June 2nd, 2008


The summer is here and HostGator has posted a new coupon code.

The coupon gives you a 20% discount, as usual, on new orders of Shared, Reseller and Dedicated hosting. The discount is for the entire of your initial order, so if you order e.g. the Hatchling plan for 36 months, which is normally $178.20, you will save $35.64 and end up paying only $142.56 for 3 years of hosting.

Win Free Hosting

HostGator is a very zealous participant in Standard University’s Folding@Home project. The project uses the participants spare computer power to simulate complex mathematical formulas used in the research of well known diseases like Alzheimer’s, Mad Cow, Parkingson’s disease, etc.

If you want to help Folding@Home and HostGator in this project, you can win free hosting. HostGator has put 10 hosting packages on stake to people, who wants to participate on their team. You can see the details on how to participate on the HostGator blog.

Coupon: BEACH
Expires: July 1, 2008 September 1, 2008
Last checked: July 1, 2008

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